Friday, January 13, 2017

IPRTF - In Position Ready To Fire

The move is done. The boxes are unpacked, the furniture has been assembled, the pictures are hung, and the Gentleman's Gaming Parlor is finally a reality. I have long daydreamed of having a dedicated room for my hobby interests, who doesn't? As I bounced across the country, across the globe, and raised a family, there never was space available for me to both spread out my crap, and keep from mucking up SWMBO's standard of living. Never had there been more than a desk, set up in a corner of the living room. And all too often, it was a portable operation that was put down and picked up from the dining room table for each and every hobbyist session. But now, I am a truly grateful painter/gamer indeed. I did have to make one consolation, the room had to contain a guest bed. Not too much to ask, I dare say. Enough with the sob stories, and on with the pics...

God bless IKEA! They have made more game rooms possible, for more gamers, than probably any other furniture maker. lol The desk's right pedestal contains my basing materials and air bushing supplies. The left pedestal, my air compressor. And my trusty toolbox as made by my Great Grandfather, well, that one is self explanatory.

On the walls are various sentimental reminders of my Granfather's service in World War II as well as from my own through the decades. As a "somestimes" militaria collector, a "previous" reenactor, and longtime Soldier, I have a fondness for military headgear. The PASGT helmet is mine from Desert Storm, but the MICH helmet is an extra that I have had in my possession. The real MICH that I wore was foolishly turned in when I outprocessed.

For a bit of historical perspective, my hobby desk as written about back in 2011 (follow the link):


  1. Looking very good, David. Have to plan the inaugural game there - perhaps a rematch of my 12th SS vrs your Canadians via Bolt Action!

  2. Thanks.

    BA in Normandy sounds good to me. Let me get a few bits of terrain made up and then we can let the firing commence!

  3. Nice! I like the guest bed. If i get tired during one of our games i can just take a nap! 😀 Enjoy the hobby room!

  4. Thanks Ken. Hopefully any games that I run have some sort of discernible resolution in a reasonable number of turns. After all, no one really wants to game the siege of Leningrad in real time. lol!