Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Couple of Years, Another Move!

     It's that time again, time to get ready for another move. I've had to go through this far too often, thats for sure! Packing up your supplies is its own problem, but protecting your painted minis is always the larger challenge. Luckily, the options have been growing over the years as custom foam companies are becoming more and more commonplace. Generic, pluck foam companies like KR Multicase and Sabol Designs have been staples for decades, but custom manufacturing is the way of the future. Being in the States, I prefer Battlefoam. Equally lucky is that one of my two local game stores is a retailer for Battlefoam products. Don't get excited about there being two, only one has any table space, and both have nearly zero items on stock [unless you are either a Star Wars or Warhammer player].

     I picked up an empty Stacker Box as well as some generic Pluck Foam Trays for some odds and ends (to include some recently completed vehicle). I still need to purchase some additional foam, but those trays will be custom cut. Battlefoam's custom tray creator tool is a both a dream and a nightmare depending on how bad your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is! lol Here are a few pictures of both the recent as well as some past Battlefoam purchases.

While a custom designed tray is the best option for maximum capacity, a generic pluck tray can still be a great option as well. 

A custom designed tray for two late war platoons of Commonwealth infantry as well as their company headquarters.

Aerial gaming appears to be in my future?!

Keep those minis SAFE! ;-)

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