Sunday, March 6, 2016


     I can't help but admire many of the studio pieces as painted up by the hired painting staff over at Battlefront. While I am not a Flames of War player, I must give the company their well deserved kudos for producing high quality books, full of both great gaming ideas and equally sharp modelling examples. I therefore decided to have a go at mimicking one of their pictured examples. The prototype can be seen in the pages of Desperate Measures: Tank Battles for Eastern Germany, January-April 1945 [as well as one or two other volumes].

     One difference I went for was choosing dark grey over red oxide as the primer on the gun barrel. A number of web contributors across the modelling world have stated that the color was dark grey (or even possibly black), and not the commonly modeled red oxide. I also decided to refrain from applying any heavy chipping effects. Currently, I am having seconds thoughts, and will likely do so at a later date and time. A fresh blog post if/when it happens. Lastly, I also painted one of the rear stowage boxes in red oxide primer as their sheet metal structure was prone to damage and destruction during hard service.

Products used in order of application. AK Interactive (AKI), Vallejo Model Color (VMC), Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA):

AKI Grey Surface Primer

Hull and turret:
VMC Middlestone
VMC Middlestone+VMC White (approximately 4:1)

Gun barrel:
VMC Grey Green

Replacement road wheels and stowage box:
VMC Hull Red
VMC Cavalry Brown (drybrush)

Road wheel rubber rims:
VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (1:1)

VMC Flat Brown+VMC Black (2:1)

Machine gun, metal tools:
VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (2:1)
VMC Black+VMC Gunmetal Grey (1:1)
VMC Gunmetal Grey (drybrush)

Jacking block and wooden tool handles:
VPA Old Wood

Weathering and finish:
AKI Satin Varnish
AKI Enamel Wash for German Vehicles in Dark Yellow
AKI Enamel Wash for NATO Camo Vehicles (used on red oxide components only)
VMC Middlestone (drybrush)
AKI Ultra Matte Varnish+VMC Matte Varnish (1:1)

     In reference to my previous post of the StuG III Ausf. G platoon, I opted to lighten the vehicle base color by painting the panel centers with a lightened mix of Middlestone and White. It came out exactly as I had hoped for. The final color is bright and cleanly retains that stereotypical, dark yellow look. While this means that my combined vehicles won't maintain a cohesive look on a singular game table, I offer that this mixed condition is closer to reality than the unrealistic appeal of a painter's OCD.


  1. beautiful big cat there David!

    have you thought of taking the weathering one step further? The BGK book has a great, subtle, and user friendly process for doing some very light weathering with your washes/inks involving applying with a brush at the top rim of the turret and working gauze or cloth down the side lightly to give the effect of weathered, rain making the grime fall down the turret side (I might be describing that process incorrectly...) I know you said you wanted to refrain from chipping, but some light grime on the side never hurt anyone! :)

  2. Thanks for the "like". :-)

    My current thoughts are to spruce it up a bit at some point in time. Some spare track, the odd road wheel, and likely a bit of chipping. I do have the AKI Streaking Grime, and have yet to give it a try. Perhaps this weekend I can try it on a leftover Jagdpnther hull?

    I think I'm finally finding my style, and it's been a great relief!

  3. I'm giving a "thumb up" to the screen since we are not on facebook :)

    yur efforts have been well worth the wait. Let's see a bit of grime on that kitty cat next time around :)

    The AK stuff is far superior to anything else around from what I've seen.

    I've been having some immediate luck with the fording mud splotches using a dark tan for some of my tanks lately.