Thursday, February 18, 2016

StuG III Ausf. G (Late Production)

     If you look to the right column of this blog, you'll see "What I Purchased in 2016" which is an eclectic mix of both what I needed for my starry-eyed project goals, as well as bargains I simply couldn't let pass by. Last December, while Battlefront was offering 30% off pricing, I had little choice but to succumb to my own greed. I purchased their all-plastic StuG G Platoon (among many other things!). They are gorgeous little models with an abundance of detail, multiple construction options, and all in crisp relief. The small number of pieces per vehicle is also helps from getting burned out on construction even before you get to the painting. Well, here is a completed non-unit specific three-vehicle platoon:

Products used in order of application. AK Interactive (AKI), Vallejo Model Color (VMC), Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA):

AKI Grey Surface Primer

VMC Middlestone
VMC Flat Brown
VMC Reflective Green

Road wheels and return rollers:
VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (1:1)

VMC Flat Brown+VMC Black (2:1)
VMC Gunmetal Grey (drybrush) or VMC Grey Green (drybrush)

Machine gun:
VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (2:1)
VMC Black+VMC Gunmetal Grey (1:1)
VMC Gunmetal Grey (drybrush)

Jacking block and shovel handle:
VPA Old Wood

Weathering and finish:
AKI Gloss Varnish
AKI Enamel Wash Dark Brown for Green Vehicles
VMC Middlestone (drybrush)
AKI Ultra Matte Varnish+VMC Matte Varnish (1:1)

  Am I happy with the finished results...Yes, very. Are there things I would have done differently...Yes. Weathering, and even gloss coats always darken the overall look of the vehicle. To counter this, I will either lighten the base color by 10% or, I will lighten the panels with a 10% lightened base color. Either idea should work well. The former is probably best suited for a heavily mottled camouflage such as these here, and the latter with either a monochrome, or with large, solid camouflage patterns.


  1. WOW! Really fantastic work buddy! Going to repost these and link them to your blog if you don't mind.