Friday, January 15, 2016


     After a quick comparison between my actual painting production and desired personal goals, I realized that I am off by far greater than +/-5 mils. "What does that mean", you say? Well, it means that if I want to be ready for the summertime scrap of my Canadians and Steven's Waffen-SS, I need to stop goldbricking with airbrush test shots, and get back to work on some real figure painting! "C'mon Mac, get the lead out already. You're holding up the show!"

No doubt, the sexiest packaging of any wargamer marketed products! Now to blow some color onto a few extra upper hulls.

     While I've not been efficient by way of completed models, I can say that I have learned a useful thing or two about my personal abilities, the proper handling of my airbrush, and the results that are achievable with my stock of products. One thing that is for sure is not all AK Interactive paints are equally thinned. Some are just too darn thin! I've yet to solve the mystery on just how one goes about thickening paint, perhaps by adding in a bit of satin varnish?

The full lineup of base colors from 1939-1945; Poland, North Africa, and the rückmarsch all the way back to Berlin itself.

     Now that I'm reentering data and recalculating back to an accurate azimuth of fire, I decided it was a good time to knock a few more items off of the old shopping list. Steven once led me onto NWS Online Gaming Store, and I have to thank him for that. If anyone knows how to be frugal, it's a damned Yankee! Now I'll have some proper Bolt Action orders dice as well as a copy of the Bolt Action rules supplement, Tank War to help guide through a larger, legal gaming force.


  1. Not only do I get an honorable mention, but also some good-ole' Artillery terminology!!!

    Those big cats are looking good, David. Your airbrush really has delivered a nice, even coat even with the thinning issues.

    If you think I'm cheap now, wait until you see all the extra accoutrements for my M1 Abrams MBTs!! .50 cals from halftrack sets and stowage items from BF panzers :)

    Get on that brush, trooper. Those Canadians ain't gonna finish painting themselves!!

    1. Of course you get a mention! :-)

      AK paint lays down quite nicely as it has a tendency to self level which helps balance out poor personal skills. Their colors are awesome, although not to be trusted for exact color matches to the originals. It's more about artistic impression with their products.

      I've been slathering on some pumice on my Canucks today, and will be back at it after my reply is typed. I really must finish these infantry as the vehicle crews are beckoning quite loudly. lol

    2. I think the detail it leaves behind is extraordinary. A nice even coat. Not like spray paints which usually go on too thick or too heavy (only exception being Tamiya sprays which are wicked expensive! basically I can spray 3 1/100 tanks [slight exaggeration but you really don't get alot of it])