Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: Hopes, Dreams, and [no] Promises

     Well, it's a new year and an equally new chance to succeed or falter at some real hobby progress. Like all hobbyists, I have more than one hobby, an ever-growing unread library, a [beautiful] family, and that dreaded of all responsibilities, a day job. Fortunately I finished up my college classes at the end of 3rd quarter 2015 so, that monkey is finally off of my back. Man hath no greater enemy to free time and hobby bliss than on-line classes! First, let's recap 2015:

Minis painted:
  • Figures: 40 (need basing)
  • Guns/Artillery: 1 (needs basing)
  • Vehicles: 7 (happily, they don't require basing)

Minis purchased (far too many to recount, but includes the following):
  • German infantry, machine guns, mortars, A/T guns, and vehicles
  • USSR infantry, machine guns, and mortars
  • Canadian infantry, machine guns, mortars, A/T guns, and vehicles
  • A slew of Dom's decals
Hobby supplies purchased (non-replenishment):
  • Numerous AK Interactive paint and paint sets
  • Numerous AK Interactive weathering products

Books read:
  • Jack diddly outside of school and work. I can at least claim a slew of articles, a ton of non-contiguous chapters from reference books, and countless blog entries.

Books purchased: 
  • Again, too numerous to recount, but the general themes were uniform references as well as painting/weathering guides.
Games played:
  • :'-(
Games/rules purchased:
  • Plenty, and only heaven knows why (reference the previous entry).

     To recap, what went right with 2015? Very little. As you can be perceived from my summary, not just measurable production and sound accounting of my activity are needed for the new year. Now, off with the ashes of 2015, and on to the fresh opportunities of 2016. 

     So, what do I hope to accomplish? What personal priorities do I have? Read everything, paint everything, game everything, buy everything, and blog about it all. Can I do this, or do I have any glimmer of hope? Nope! But, I can prioritize what already sits in the go-to-war stockpiles as well as keep new purchases focused. An d, just what does that look like, you ask?

Minis to complete (all "forces" to be understood as gameable [full] platoons, each with multiple vehicle/support options):
  1. (Finish) Late war German vehicles
  2. (Finish) Mid-war German grenadier force
  3. (Finish) Late-war Canadian force
  4. Late-war German Panzergrenadier force
  5. Mid/late-war Soviet force
  6. Mid/late-war Finnish Force
  7. Mid/late-war US force
  8. Early/mid/late-war German Fallschirmjäger force
  9. Early/mid-war German Gebirgsjäger force
Minis wanted to purchase:
  1. Late war Canadian vehicles
  2. Battle of the Bulge Germans and US forces
  3. Mid-war German and Soviet vehicles
Hobby supplies wanted to purchase (in no particular order):
  • Battlefoam (I love a good piece of custom cut foam) 
  • Army themed dice (some of them are hopefully lucky!)
  • Bolt Action Orders Dice
  • AK Interactive paints and weather products
  • Badger Air-Brush Co. RK-1 Krome airbursh
Books to read (definitely will grow):
  1. Danny S. Parker, Battle of the Bulge
  2. (Finish) Ross Munro, Gauntlet to Overlord: The Story of the Canadian Army
  3. (Finish) Ernst von Salomon, The Outlaws
Books wanted to buy (this list will positively grow, but these titles are ones I really should finally commit to buying):
  • Painting War: Volume(s) 2, 3, and 4
  • Painting Wargaming Figures
  • Battlefields in Miniature: Making Realistic and Effective Terrain for Wargames
Games to play (in no particular order):
  • Bolt Action
  • Fighting Formations
  • Squad Leader
Games/rules/supplements wanted to purchase (in no particular order, and surely will grow):
  • Flames of War: Nuts
  • Flames of war: Eastern Front
  • Flames of War: Berlin
  • Bolt Action: Tank War
  • Bolt Action: Armies of Germany
  • Bolt Action: Armies of the Soviet Union
     However 2016 actually measures out, it will be a good year in wargaming terms as I will not be distracted by school which has single-handedly wreaked havoc on my family time, hobby time, and personal sanity. I will once again have the opportunity to game with mein bester kamerad Steven W. which will be a definite highlight. And in the end, it is all just a hobby. May you have a great year as well!


  1. Glad to see you are blogging again, buddy. The calendar for 2016 is wide open - we'll be able to get a Bolt Action game in this year - hopefully a game of Battlegroup also! Can't wait to see the progress you've made!

  2. I am glad to be blogging again myself. It may only be a few days into it, but I feel quite energized!

    I am almost ready for our games, I just need to order one more Sherman V. I am ordering some sweet dice for us to play with, and I asked for yours to be blessed by a local witch doctor. ;-)

    1. Good! Because the 12th HJ dice I purchased are starting to run out of luck and are well past their "2 years guaranteed of good rolling" that the salesman promised.