Saturday, January 23, 2016

1939-1945 Star - France and Germany

Canadian soldier during their advance into the industrial area near Caen, July 18, 1944.
    For too long now my Bolt Action Canadians have been out of their uniforms and AWOL from duty. Either they are afraid of being apprehended by the red caps, or I am just a terribly slow painter. Either way, they really needed to get dressed!

     I must admit that my paint pallet was quite unoriginal as I borrowed from as many of the great miniatures painters as I could. As the saying goes, "don't reinvent the wheel", and besides, I'm not Thomas Edison. Since Vallejo's Model Color line of paints never grows or changes, someone, somewhere has done it before, [and done it well]. Canadian manufactured battledress is often described as being greener than its British counterpart. While Canadian Soldiers wore uniforms from both manufacturing sources, I didn't want my force to be yet another drop of water in an ocean of British uniform khaki. Green it had to be. I also wanted to go outside the norm by creating a fall - winter appearance to the bases. Therefore they sport tones of browns and tans rather than the more common bright and dark greens.

     Nearly all paints are Vallejo Model Color except for one which is Vallejo Panzer Aces and AK Interactive for the varnish. All numbers are the position code (not to be confused with the often used reference number). All paints are listed in order of application. i.e. shadow / base / highlight.

Mk III helmet: VMC Olive Grey+VMC Russian Uniform WWII (1:1) (SCC15)

Helmet scrim: VPA Canvas / VMC Khaki

P37 battledress: VMC USA Olive Drab / VMC USA Olive Drab+VMC Brown Violet (1:1) / VMC Brown Violet+VMC Khaki Grey (1:1) (Canadian battledress green) / VMC Khaki Grey

P37 cotton webbing: VMC USA Olive Drab+VMC Olive Grey (1:1) (Blanco Khaki Green 3) / previous mix lightened with VMC White

Water bottle wool covering: VMC English Uniform

Light service respirator case: VMC Yellow Olive / VMC Gunship Green / VPA Canvas (securing tie and shoulder strap)

Groundsheet: VMC Flat Earth / VMC US Field Drab

Entrenching tool and general service shovel shafts: VMC Flat Earth / VPA Old Wood

Ammunition boots: VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (2:1) / VMC Black Grey

No 4 Mk I rifle stock: VMC Chocolate Brown / VMC Flat Earth / VMC US Field Drab

Metal: VMC Black+VMC Black Grey (2:1) / previous mix+VMC Gunmetal Grey (1:1) / VMC Gunmetal Grey

Skin: VMC Beige Brown / VMC Medium Fleshtone / VNC Flat Flesh

Varnish: AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish+Vallejo Matte Varnish (1:1)

Pendraken 2mm MDF Rounds in sizes: 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm
Vallejo Coarse Pumice
Paint VMC Burnt Umber / VMC US Field Drab / VMC English Uniform
Gale Force Nine Arid Static Grass
The Army Painter Battlefields Winter Tuft - 6mm
The Army Painter Battlefields Swamp Tuft - 6mm

     Now, I just need to finish up the remainder of the force's figures to include vehicle and A/T gun crews.

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  1. The kit and weapons look fantastic. Well worth the time we waited to see these fellas!
    Going to be a hell of a game with your nice looking Canadians!

    I will bring the peanut butter M&Ms!